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For a lot of folks, an inflatable SUP makes perfect sense. They're easy to transport, safe for kids and beginners, and with modern composite materials — like military-grade outer skins — incredibly durable. So much so that inflatables are the board of choice for SUP'ers on rock-strewn rivers. Boards like the Tower Adventurer are made rigid when blown up, thanks to a nifty bit of technology that uses tens of thousands of gossamer threads that join the upper and lower decks.

When inflated, the threads act like a network of tiny support columns. At 6 inches, the Adventurer is thicker than many inexpensive inflatable boards, giving it the rigidity of a hard, epoxy-built board. Its seams are also glued with a super strong epoxy. You'd have a very, very hard time splitting it.

The Adventurer features a mildly flexible and easily removable center fin and a pair of permanently affixed 'side bite' fins to help keep the board straight in wind and waves. It comes with a hand pump and gauge and inflates to its full 11 PSI pressure in a few minutes. Note that you will exert yourself blowing it up, and you might be happier with one of the brand's volt electric pumps. Out on the water, the Adventurer tracks straight and surfs surprisingly well on even medium waves and its soft construction is a confidence booster for any beginner.

At 24 pounds, it's also surprisingly light. We've even tested a Tower amidst the waves and sharp coral of Fiji. It glided across the waves and even took the occasional scrape across the reef without puncturing. The three-piece paddle is not as light as high-performance models, but proved durable and perfectly serviceable. We also really like Tower's inclusion of a carrying strap and its two-year warranty. Some of the company's most oft-cited online praise cites its prompt and attentive customer service. If the board should lead you to spend more time on the water than you think you should, Tower also includes a copy of Stephen Aarstol's book, " The Five Hour Workday " as part of the package — to help you justify your newfound addiction.

Amazon buyers are exceptionally pleased. More than reviews earned the board a 4. If there are downsides to the board, it's in the fact that, like any other lightweight rounded nose board, it's pretty susceptible to being blown sideways in a stiff breeze. Like essentially every other inflatable, too, you can't really turn this board and hold it in line against the wave using its side edges, or 'rails'.

They're simply too big and rounded. When surfing, you have to turn this board by weighting the back. Lightweight, very stiff, tracks nicely on waves and even amidst mild chop. Flimsy pump, doesn't do very well in wind and could use D-rings up front.

We'd like it even more if it came with a bag and leash. If you want a board that can perform in the surf, you'll want to be sure it incorporates something called rocker, which is the front-to-back concave of a board's hull that allows it to sit more comfortably on a wave's face, where a straighter, flatter board which is great for touring and steady tracking would be more difficult to manoeuvre.

You'll also want a wider board — at least while you're starting out — for stability. But whether you're a beginner or not, this is a great board for anyone, especially those planning to ride smaller waves i. At 10 feet, it's still short enough for sportier spirits to surf a little more aggressively, thanks to the V-rocker and the rockered tail, which really lets you walk back and pivot into a turn with relative ease. This board will also float most people with its liter volume and 4. But just because it can float a lot of weight does not mean it's stable. Maneuverability almost always comes at the cost of stability, and being only 10 feet long this board does not track well, so don't bother trying to take it touring, and if you want a more hybrid-style paddle board, consider our main pick, Adventure Paddleboarding's All Rounder instead.

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Outdoor Gear Lab reviewed the Naish Mana GTW calling it a "great choice for surfing" but complained about it being too slow to track and compete with their other boards, which were all tested for touring, and not so much surfing. Beginners complained that the board felt a little unstable, that is until they found their footing. Again, if you're really set on specifically surfing, this could be a good SUP for you. If not, look for something a little more hybridized.

Shaped ideally for small to moderate surf, solid construction, exceptionally buoyant. Too short to perform as a touring paddle board, somewhat unstable, requires deft footing but this will teach you quickly where to stand and when. In a lot of instances, fishing from a standup paddleboard actually makes more sense than fishing from a kayak. If you're fishing in a salt marsh, you can see above the marsh grass to know where you're going. You can get into super shallow waters provided your fins aren't too deep or too hard, and you can 'sight' fish.

So if you possess a good pair of polarized sunglasses and the ability to move smoothly and stealthily, you can sneak up on fish who, don't forget, can also see you. There's so much to like about this board it's tough to even know where to begin. First off, for its level of detail and outfitting, this package is simply unbeatable. It includes not only Isle's nicely appointed board but a solidly built and remarkably light 3-piece adjustable carbon paddle, backpack, pump, 10' coiled leash and removable snap-in center fin.

It also features side bites to help with stability and tracking while riding small waves. Fishing-wise, the board itself has a plethora of angler-friendly features. It weighs only 27 pounds, making it one of the lightest fishing boards on the market, which is particularly remarkable for its 11'6" length and very stable 36" width. With a huge air volume of liters and at six inches thick, it will support pounds of rider and gear — even a seat, cooler, or your trusty Labrador retriever. We loved that the Sportsman comes installed with three Scotty Mounts, the industry standard for everything from rod holders to electronic gear.

We also loved the center, nose, and tail grab handles and the fore and aft bungee webbing for securing gear. The EVA deck pad on this board is also perfect. It's smooth, soft and grippy, so your feet won't fall asleep while you're standing and your knees and butt won't chafe from sitting down and casting. They produce and sell their own line of inflatable stand-up paddle boards and equipment with a focus on creating boards and equipment that they love to use themselves. With 18 boards to choose from there is one to suit just about everyones needs.

I have personally found their customer service to be above and beyond many other stores. Each of their boards comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty against any and all defects. Mistral is one of the top ISUP companies and they specialize in inflatable paddle boards only. They have several high quality boards to choose from and lots of great information on this site. They carry a large selection of Red Paddle Co, Naish and Starboard inflatable stand-up paddle boards as well as tons of great gear and accessories.

They also provide reviews, great pics and learning tools.

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Nice design, nice colors and they have a great two-board combo package deal. They offer free shipping and have lots of experience with paddle surfing. Cruiser SUP guarantees you receive the right gear, best value and unmatched customer service. I have always been a big fan of the Naish boards and find they rarely disappoint.

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The Uli boards are known to be durable and strong. Nice selection of boards, paddles and accessories. Small, veteran-owned business. They have some nice models to choose from and all the accessories you could need to go with it. They also have a stand up paddle academy for athletes and enthusiasts.

Their board combos come with everything you need to get on the water right away. Free shipping in continental US. They specialize in inflatable stand up paddle boards and really know their stuff. Their boards come with a full package that includes a deluxe rolling backpack, 3-piece fiberglass paddle, leash, pump, and dry bag as well as a full 2-year warranty. If you live in the area they also offer SUP rentals as well. All boards include a 1-year warranty.

Good selection of boards and paddles. Hi Guys, I have an 80 lb labrador retreiver who loves to swim and would like to take him out on an SUP. I am lbs and a mid-level paddle boarder and we will be boarding in ocean water in a large harbor with smooth but sometimes slightly choppy water with boat traffic.

Can you recommend a good board for us? There are a few options to consider: Isle has improved upon this board over the years and it has been really popular, especially for paddling with a big dog. Red Paddle Co Voyageur — This one jumps up in price a bit but it is an awesome board. Lots of room for you and the pup and good stability and glide.

Starboard Blend Deluxe — I have always liked this board and it is a lot of fun to paddle in choppy ocean water and wake. It will feel really comfortable to paddle with your dog but it will move much slower through the water. Hope that helps!! Good luck with your choice and happy paddling. Hi Allison!

Thank you so much for your very super helpful website! Can you recommend a specific board for us? The Isle Explorer is great for big dogs but it is a little on the bulky side and also a little slower… But super stable and still fun to paddle. The Sea Eagle Longboard would work. It is versatile and provides enough room and stability without being bulky. Also check out the Airhead Fit. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Do you know anything about Bote boards? Gina Miller. Our view. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby Union. Motor racing.

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