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The last time I took advantage of this, Sears told me I needed a front end alignment just had it done two months before. When I told them I had it recently done, they swore up and down it needed it again. So I took my car back to the original shop, and they said that Sears was trying to scam me and they have that issue with them all the time. A lot of people could have easily been taken advantage of in that situation… Its good for people to have a heads up on shady practices made by companies.

I go to Sears Auto Center and I have never had a problem.

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They have never tried to sell me anything. My only problem is that it takes longer that Jiffy Lube. You can get it free at JiffyLube by being a Mystery Shopper. Sears has been good to me and my 18year old daughter. Good for advice and where to go to save money when they know we have brought it in for the cheap oil changes. They are untruthful and unscrupulous in their advice and estimates, then to top it off, they are incompetent in actually doing the repairs. I really think they target young females who may not have a lot of automotive knowledge. Your email address will not be published.

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I would not recommend anyone to go to Sears Auto since I have very bad experience. No one answer me on when I call what is the status of my tire. This is ridiculous. I contacted Sears 1. I contacted the corporate headquarters, explained that the product is defective, provided all documentation including a testing results from my mechanic. I was willing to cooperate, offered the product for additional testing, but they were very condescending, uncooperative and could not care less.

Sears, Amazon strike deal on tire installation - Chicago Tribune

They are still refusing to refund my money for the defective product, making excuses and blaming it on everybody else including my mechanic I offered the product for additional testing, again, but they are not interested and did not provide a shred of evidence to support their claim. Do not buy anything from Sears! Defective product and the worst customer service I ever experienced! Made an appointment online for an oil change. Easy and convenient. Went in on scheduled day and was greeted by friendly staff.

Took me right in and was done faster than expected. The manager Eric was kind and helpful. Made for a great experience and I will always go back to the Holyoke location. Thanks guy! I have gone to Sears Auto many times and have all the records. I showed them the paperwork.

It has my name, my address, but a different vehicle, a Honda Pilot. The work order showed that the Lifetime Warranty was bought under my vehicle with all the correct information. After 20 minutes of telling the manager, Chris, THEY did something wrong, they refused to budge and more or less insisted that I was lying. I suppose people do try to switch cars on lifetime warranties, but it was very obvious from all the records they have for at least 3 years that I have never had a Honda Pilot serviced at any Sears location.

I will never go back to them again. I have posted both the Work Order with my correct vehicle info and the Final Invoice with the wrong vehicle below. Both records show the exact same mileage on both cars! I ordered a tire replacement at Sears online. Their online rep told me the Sears location in Boca Raton definitely had the tire in stock so I placed the order. I told him that I am sure when I went there, the tire would not be in stock, but he said he checked their inventory at 2 locations.

I made an appointment to have the tire installed. I went for the appointment, and after an hour of waiting I asked what was going on. I was told "he is on it" and I asked what was the delay and he found out they of course did not have the tire in stock and told me that the online store is unreliable. They were "looking for some place order the tire". So after 1. In closing, this place is chaos and if you can avoid it, do so. They are inept and unable to do anything right.

I wasted time while they fiddled around and did not communicate. I moved here from Boise. I bought an alternator for my F diesel truck from you guys almost 2 years ago and had you install it. You guys installed the wrong one the first time an alt. For a dual alt. Boise location comped my batteries since I chose to pay for my FICM myself because I wanted an aftermarket one and put the correct alternator in my truck.

My alternator failed last week and stranded me with my 85 year old grandfather miles from home. I called my local sears and the manager was a total jerk to me and would not honor the warranty even though he stated it was still valid. He stated he would not honor the warranty because the last sears didn't put notes in the account stating they installed it even though he has record of ALL of the purchases including that one. I called corporate and they assured me they would fight to get the alternator I had to buy so I could get home reimbursed and have the District Manager call me within hours.

I have spent a lot of money with Sears over the years as my account will reflect and I would like to continue to do so however if this matter isn't resolved I will never step foot in Sears again. On Sunday, November 26, I took my car to Sears because the battery was dead. They sold me a battery. Then they told me that the alternator was defective. It was Sunday, I needed the car and they could do the work immediately. In this situation, rather than waiting to take my car to a trusted mechanic, I had them install a new alternator.

On Monday, November 27 I noticed that there was a large puddle of water under the car.


I took the car back to Sears. They told me that they could find no leak, and that the water must have been from another car parked in that spot before me. On Tuesday November 28 first thing in the morning, there was another puddle of water under my car. I took car back to Sears, and this time they told me that the leak was at the connection where the hoses connect to the radiator. They told me that they could not repair it. They also told me that I now needed a new radiator! I told them that I have owned this car for 15 years, always parked it on my concrete driveway, and there has NEVER been a leak on the driveway before!

It seems quite a coincidence that less than 24 hours after Sears installed a new alternator, there is a problem with the radiator. They told me that, yes it was quite a coincidence that the radiator connection was leaking. But it could not possibly have been created by them. Not possible! Later today, I took the car to a trusted mechanic. He told me that when Sears installed the alternator, they pressed down on the top of the radiator, and that was the cause of the damage. Easy to understand since the alternator is less than 5" from the radiator, and the belt driving the alternator is even closer!

Tomorrow my trusted mechanic will begin the process of attempting a repair, but they advise me that the entire radiator may have to be replaced as a result of the poor craftsmanship of Sears installing the alternator. Does anybody out there really believe that this problem occurred less than 24 hours after Sears serviced the car, and it has nothing to do with the work that they did? That it was "not possible" that they did anything that could have caused the problem.

It looks like I am one of the last folks to learn what a terrible service provider they really are! I bought new tires from the Glendale Sears Automotive less than 4 years ago. The tires have a 70K mile warranty. After driving less than 25K the rear back tire looked low so I put some air in it. About 10 days later I drove another car for a couple of days and when I returned to my car, the tire looked a little low again.

I put air in and went to Sears to have it checked out. I walked in and there were no other customers. Four sears employees were at the desk and it literally took 10 minutes for them to help me. I went out with a women to check out the car and she said that I didn't buy my tires from them.

They would never sell me such a crappy tire. She said the sidewalls of the tires were all cracked and falling apart. I insisted that I bought them there and we went in and checked the computer. Purchased at Sears In Glendale. When the information was confirmed she started to back peddle and blame me for the damage to the tire saying they really were a good tire and I just drove around on flat tires and that caused the damage.

Her assessment was I needed new tires. I asked her if they would be prorated because of the warranty and she said they would not be because the tread of the tire was still good. Which once again she said was my fault. I left and will never return to Sears for any car needs. Bottom line: Sears Glendale, CA sold me a crappy tire buy their own admission and they do not stand behind their products and warranties.

Proceed at your own peril if you read this review and continue to do business with this location. I don't know about other Sears location, I can only speak about my experience with this one. I brought my car in for air conditioning. I finally got it after they were technically closed and drove home. I noticed the trunk wasn't closed tight so I opened it and it had been accessed by them. I just fixed it and they had no reason to go into my trunk. Then I noticed my tools that were in there were missing. It was a whole set hardly ever used. I went into the car again and noticed the turn signal arm was not able to move.

I had no problem with it before. I called the shop and they would not repair the car and said it was an insurance settlement. The insurance company who called three days later was Sedgwick in Chicago.

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He denied all claims and we had words and he hung up. When I looked at the paperwork I noticed Sears backdated it three days to disallow a rescission on my part which is illegal.

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The online tool asked for my license plates and found my exact car model correctly Audi , asked me for oil options to select from, pricing, etc. Then it send confirmation of my appointment by email. I arrived at the Sears Auto Center on time, just to learn that they do not do Audi. I drove 22 miles and spend time and gas on it. Shame Sears! Sears Auto Center I made an appointment on Sep. Saturday at Sep. It was Sears Automotive asking if they can reschedule my appointment for I agreed but didn't have the warm and fuzzy feeling after talking to the young lady on phone.

Now I live in Portsmouth, VA about 2 hrs give or take from the Midlothian Sears and the person I talked to knew where I lived because he remembered me from the tires back in March of this year. I drove the distance because my truck need servicing and the two Sears in my area had no appointments.